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ANA Foods’ Passion

- Connecting Producers and Consumers to Help Realize an Affluent, Sustainable Society through Food -

Hisayoshi Tanaka

Shibata Industries was founded some 60 years ago in 1955 as a trading company importing Taiwanese bananas, a then-luxury fruit with surging demand.

Nineteen years later in 1974, ANA Trading, which was responsible for rolling out diversified businesses under All Nippon Airways’ umbrella, established its Air Transport Food section and launched a business called “Aji no Senninkai” in which it shipped specialty products from across Japan directly to customers’ doorsteps.

While both of these businesses had modest beginnings, they were launched by ambitious individuals and gave rise to our company, ANA Foods.

These businesses and the aspirations behind them were taken over by Japan Fresh Foods, Sky Foods, and ANA Trading, each of which employed their strengths as an ANA Group company to expand these businesses to deliver food items to consumers and meet the demands of the time. In 2014, our company, ANA Foods, commenced operations as a specialty trading company and assumed the responsibility of managing the ANA Trading Group’s food business.

In the present, we work with various ANA Group companies to develop and roll out a wide range of unique businesses, including the import and sale of fresh fruits (such as bananas), nuts, and dried fruits; the handling of food gifts which are shipped directly from their area of origin to department stores across Japan; and the export of Japanese food items to other countries. We strive to provide consumers with safe and high-quality food items that offer reassurance, by leveraging production bases and our network of branches across Japan as well as working in cooperation with our clients and Japanese and non-Japanese business partners.

Consumers’ needs are diversifying even further as society’s expectations for food items and their distribution increase day by day, in line with lifestyle and social changes. The safety/security, quality management, and stable supply of food are especially important tasks that we must fulfil as the link between producers and consumers. We have positioned these three tasks at the center of our business and they serve as the foundation of our business responsibilities and quality management.

We have cultivated our potential through the import and sale of bananas, and worked to achieve a level of safety and security fit for an airline. Building on these two achievements, we at ANA Foods hope to become a company that meets your expectations through the development of various businesses and contributes to the enrichment of food culture and realization of an affluent, sustainable society.

ANA Foods Co., Ltd.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Hisayoshi Tanaka
田中 久敬