President's Message Japanese

Prioritizing safety and peace of mind to become our customers' company of choice

On April 1, 2014, our company its changed name from Japan Fresh Foods Co., Ltd. to ANA Foods Co., Ltd., and at the same time we acquired the fresh and processed food businesses from All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. We also merged with the ANA Group's Sky Foods Co., Ltd. (gift business), thereby making us into a company with sales revenue in excess of 30 billion yen.

The food distribution industry environment is becoming increasingly fierce with each passing year. We face changes in household composition, an aging population and declining birthrate, and increased demand for companies to make efforts toward tackling food safety concerns. In order for us to respond quickly and flexibly to these changing external factors and meet the expectations of our customers, we must make maximum use of the business resources we possess and do so in an effective manner.

By consolidating and integrating the diverse businesses of the ANA Group's trading division and its core food business, we will be able to further strengthen our business structure, something that enables us to ensure product safety and stability. We will also be able to enter new business domains, and I believe this will allow us to make further strides toward becoming a strong company that meets its customers' expectations and forms an essential part of their lives.

I hope to receive your continued support for our business.

Hisayoshi Tanaka, President & Chief Executive Officer
ANA Foods Co., Ltd.
April 1, 2022