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We offer a variety of products that deliver the delicious taste of fresh produce. Our main products are Tanabe Farm and frescana, our own brand bananas.

  • Tanabe Farm

    Tanabe Farm

    Production at Tanabe Farm is overseen by the owner, Masahiro Tanabe. It can be found at an elevation of about 300 meters in Ecuador, one of the world's largest banana exporting nations.


  • frescana


    Frescana is a combination of the Spanish word for fresh, fresco, and ANA, and ANA Foods is proud to have it as part of its product lineup.


  • Fresh Selection and Direct-to-retail Gifts

    Fresh Selection and Direct-to-retail Gifts

    Customers can select the gifts of their choice with ANA Fresh Selection, with direct-to-retail gifts not listed in the catalog also available.