Food Planning & Marketing Business

Utilizing the ANA network, we select "freshly made and harvested" tastes from all over Japan and supply gift products to major department stores and various other sales channels.
We also produce and sell our original catalog gift "ANA's Fresh Selection" and handle private brands of the gift with a choice for major department stores. Through strict quality control and attentive service by our own customer center, we provide safe and secure "gifts for your loved ones".

Efficient and Speedy Gift Business Operations Through Our Original System

We use merchandising support, delivery management, and shipping document systems to functionally link sellers with local producers. This allows us to respond quickly to sudden product proposal requests from sellers, and allows suppliers to make their operations more efficient.

Fully Secure Operating System

We have a full follow-up system in place overseen by three organizations, and this enables us to ensure that the products we deliver are safe, reassuring, and high quality.

  • Quality management

    For the products that we offer, not only we inspect the manufacturing facility and display labels, but also perform bacteria testing and other checks to comply with the relevant regulations and ensure that our products are safe.

  • Call center

    Quickly responding to inquiries about product, delivery status and others.

  • Customer Support Center

    This center receives orders and also dispatches catalogs, with a commitment to providing quick, trouble-free delivery.

Products handled

ANA's Fresh Selection and Direct Shipment Gifts

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